Ok so you know that one Sheridan Smith from Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps? She also starred as Smithy's sister in Gavin and Stacey and actually dated Smithy - played by James Corden - in real life for a while too. Well now she's a big high flying stage actress, currently appearing in Mrs Biggs in London's West End. And what's more? It's been confirmed that she's currently loved up with Amy Winehouse's ex, Reg Traviss.

Traviss was still dating Amy when she was found dead in her Camden flat last summer. At the time, he had spoken to the Sunday Times about how the pair had planned to marry: "Yes, absolutely, we had talked about getting married. It wasn't planned as in this date or that date, but it was a topic of conversation and had been for some time." On Amy's passing he said: "What felt surreal was not the cameras and the craziness but losing somebody, just like that. One minute I was speaking to her, the next she was gone."

However it's not so much that he dated Amy before that's raising eyebrows; it's that he was arrested on suspicion of rape earlier this year. As per The Daily Mail, the filmmaker was formerly charged with rape in June however pleaded not guilty earlier this month to raping a woman on December 31st last year. Winehouse's ex denied two counts of rape on this day. Traviss who hails from Marylebone, London, was released on bail however he will face a trial once again this Decemeber 10th.