The sheer trend has been growing in popularity recently. And that much is plain to see.

Some takes on the look are very tastefully done. A glimpse of skin (or maybe just a nude lining) is enough to convey the idea, while still keeping on the classy side of flashy.


But then there are those looks that leave you clutching your face and screaming about the feeling of burning bleach in your eyes.

But one industry are delira about the rise of this transparency - the granny pants makers. Is it the only outfit that simples demands you wear Bridget Jones pants underneath? Maybe the granny pants people have been lobbying the designers for years to include sheer pieces in their collections, knowing how much their sales would rise with the sheer tide?

But has it trickled down to the high street yet? And would you sport a sheer delight out on the town on a Saturday night? Or maybe you are suffering from the sheer fright of it all. Either way, have a look at our gallery and tell us whose look you love and who needs to buy a slip…