Shayne Ward has been hitting the gym and has revealed that he's lost 3 and a half stone (49 pounds).

The 35-year-old posted a couple of topless pics holding some battle ropes, and well, they speak for themselves.

Speaking about his dramatic weight loss, Shayne said, "I’m happy to not be in that place I was 21 weeks ago. I was sluggish, I was stressed and I didn’t really want to do anything.

"When I started training, I wasn’t in the greatest place – I was trying to balance everything on my shoulders in my personal and professional life. I didn’t enjoy "me"."

The 'X Factor' winner and former Corrie star previously spoke out about the negativity he received over his weight gain as part of Loose Women's Body Stories campaign in 2017. He said at the time, "If someone's just going to comment on the fact that I'm a little bit bigger than I used to be, I'm 32. When I first joined the pop industry I was 21, so of course my body's going to change after that amount of time."

Shayne has clearly rediscovered his love of fitness though saying, "It’s been 21 weeks and I’m so far removed from that now. I’m so grateful for what U.P Fitness has offered me. It gives you a better focus – you can enjoy fitness.

"It doesn’t just mean getting bulging biceps or a bigger chest, it means you can be a lot healthier in body and mind. My confidence is through the roof. People say “you look happier”, “your confidence is so much better". I feel good, I feel fresh, I’m not quite 21 anymore, but I’m feeling really good."