There's a sociological term known as 'Porn Creep'. What's that, you ask? It's not some weirdo that posts NSFW images on their Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn. It's the idea that things that are commonplace in porn, i.e. shaved genitalia and anal bleaching, are becoming commonplace in society and popular culture. In the past twenty years or so, women have increasingly preferred to keep the vagina hair-free for a variety of reasons. Some cite general hygiene, others do it simply as a matter of course. Most do it for sexual reasons. Men of this generation have become accustomed to a shaved vagina because it has been seen time and again in porn. We're all aware that porn isn't an accurate representation of actual sex. We'd all like it to be, sure, but we know that is just isn't. And yet, shaving for women has become accepted as a norm.

So why hasn't it transferred over to men? After all, it's just as common in porn for men to be shaved as it is for women. So why hasn't Porn Creep affected this? It's hard to say. Manscaping isn't exactly the same as going hair-free. Some of the more hirsute amongst us have to keep it in check by regular trimming. But a completely hair-free back, sack and crack? Is it all that common? Apparently so, according to a Twitter poll we conducted. We received a number of responses on the topic and the results were, frankly, surprising.

Michelle responded to our questionnaire and had this to say. "I definitely have a preference for shaved guys," she says. "It's neater, cleaner, looks better and smells better, in my opinion." So far, so logical. We can't really argue that it's definitely more hygienic to have no hair as opposed to having hair. "There's only a cleanliness issue with pubic hair if the guy in question has dodgy personal hygiene to begin with, which is more of an overall turn-off than a specific genital area problem." Again, all seems logical for the most part. But is it unnatural? Aren't men supposed to have hair down there? Michelle agrees, up to a point. "Of course it's unnatural for a guy to shave off his pubic hair!", she exclaims. "It's also unnatural for women to get rid of theirs. It's unnatural to shave your legs and armpits too, as well as get eyebrow waxes, wear makeup, dye your hair... Plenty of things that humans do in the name of vanity are unnatural. We keep doing them anyway." That's a valid point. And simply holding on to pubic hair because it's unnatural, Michelle believes, is a bit stupid. After all, it's rich for a man to be 'au naturel' and expect the woman to be shaved.

But why are men getting the area shaved? One responder, Lily (obviously not her real name) said that a gentlemen she'd been familiar with in the biblical sense had done it because "he found a grey hair." There is, of course, the legend that it makes the area bigger. One male responder said that it was very common in GAA circles and that it was "more common to have it done than not." When pressed on the reasons why, he claimed it was due in part to the idea that it made the area seem bigger. He went on to explain that he did it himself and that the idea of it being bigger was "bullshit". What's the percentage out there who keep it hair-free? Some responders estimate it at 60% hair and 40% hairless. Others put it are something closer to 50 / 50.

That said, not all women are as pro-shaving as Michelle and Lily. A number of responders found the whole idea of being shaved down under was vain in the extreme. Writer / Actor / Twitter addict Anna Lark (@larikfy) responded to our questionnaire and said that it was a definite dealbreaker. "If a guy has shaved his pubes, I assume he watches tacky porn a lot instead of actually doing 'it'." We're not here to judge, just to report the facts. "I want a mountain man. Guys who bother shaving their bits generally aren't into girls like me that haven't owned a hairbrush since 1994." She continues, "I have been obsessed with the pube-shaving question for years and have asked every guy I know do they do it. If yes, the reason I have always gotten for why is shaving makes IT look longer and bigger. I'm like 'It's not the size of the wave, it's the motion of the ocean, pal.' Some girls prefer no hair on man parts, so all it takes is one girl being really into it." Porn seems to be a recurring theme with the general idea. "I have no problem with porn and getting tips from it, by the way. Rock on, you sexual Inspector Gadget. But style tips from male pornstars? Vagina dryer."

Whatever your reasons are for getting it done, it's clear that it's becoming more common and more accepted. But what do you think about it? Have you got it done? Have you considered it? Let us know. Please don't send pictures.