This whole self isolation and social distancing stuff in the midst of COVID-19 is tough. Fortunately the comedic greats that are Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are here to lighten the mood and keep spirits up.

Most will know Pegg and Frost for their cult classic 'Shaun of the Dead'.

And one of the zom rom com's many hilarious scenes involves their characters coming up with a plan to deal with the zombie apocalypse.

Revisit said scene below.


Uploading the video to Youtube, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost recently recreated the scene (each from their own homes). Only this time it was to make "the plan" for the coronavirus pandemic.

Advice includes following HSE guidelines and checking up on one another. And no going to the pub.

There's an explanation of one of 'Shaun of the Dead's more criticised jokes; and they even throw in a joke about the toilet paper rush.

It's an effective and humorous take on the whole thing.

It ends with the words: "Don't panic! We can beat the apocalypse together. Love from Simon and Nick."

Aww, you guys.