Oh, Sharon, but you're there BECAUSE of the Oscars...

At Elton John's annual AIDS fundraiser by way of an Oscars Viewing Party - which is reputably more craic than attending The Oscars themselves, for obvious reasons - Sharon Osbourne took to the stage to  coerce her fellow guests into parting with their cash. To do this, she said:

"We are not here for the Oscars, we are here to truly fight AIDS. F**k the Oscars!”

Thankfully, a voice of reason was on hand to clarify Sharon's remarks to The Daily MIrror:

"During the [Oscars ceremony] breaks, various celebrities went up onto the stage to encourage guests to donate and raise money for the special cause. Sharon is very supportive of the cause, and also very, very passionate so she got up and said how she felt. It is about making money for her, money to help people so she started using the F-word towards the Oscars.Elton, who was sat down at a table for the viewing party, didn’t know where to look. He was obviously delighted that Sharon was backing his cause but the swearing was a bit awkward. To Elton, it is his biggest event of the year, he is immensely proud of it and he is so grateful for his friends who help him raise awareness and money."

Either way, we're all talking about it. Job done, Sharon. Next year, to raise the same level of awareness, she'll presumably be falling off/out of something.