Really, at this stage, you'd imagine if your ministerial remit covers actual sport - as in, Transport, Tourism and Sport - you'd think it's standard to know the difference between Rob and Dave Kearney.

Not if you're Shane Ross, apparently. The Minister - who's currently under fire for turning 30 public schools before awarding €150,000 to fee-paying Wesley College (which just so happens to be in his own constituency) - was at the homecoming event for the Grand Slam-winning Irish rugby team and posed for a photo with Johnny Sexton and ROB Kearney.

Fair play to Rob Kearney, he gave as good as he got.

Just remember, folks - this man is in the actual Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, and he can't even tell which Kearney brother he's with.


UPDATE: Well, he clocked it and deleted the original tweet.


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