Jonathan Shalit turned 50 yesterday and all the "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAAAHLINGS WHHHEEEE!" were out in force.

For those unaware, Shalit is the man responsible for discovering Charlotte Church. He's also heavily involved in the showbiz world at large, so a bit like Simon Cowell but without the overload of megalomania.

The vast and varied (i.e. talented and not so talented) guest list from the worlds of music, soap, presenting and limpeting included Konnie Huq's first post baby appearance, Tulisa C***ofasurnametospellos, Jamilia, Kelly BrookLorraine Kelly and her cane,Dionne Bromfield, Claire Sweeney, Mark Wright, Kate Garaway, Eliza Doolittle, Jackie St Clair, Roxyand Ricky off EastEnders, and many other jovial souls who Myleene appreciated hugely.

Then Michelle Collins had to lower the tone by dropping her belongings outside the venue, and therefore to her knees, at the end of the night. All because she was confused by her bag. It's a bag, Stella, a bag, give to Karl and he'll help you unleash the contents of it no worries. Thankfully she managed to pull herself together in the end. She might want to get her coat drycleaned though, looks like she dumped it in a puddle of vom.

At least you weren't the most animated there, hello Jilly Johnson. Oh, and Gizzie Erskine of TV cookery fame pretty much got her arse out.