Well, there's no escaping it. With the Coronavirus officially arriving in Ireland over the past weekend, there's only one thing we can do... SANITISE EVERYTHING. STAY INSIDE. REMAIN CALM.

The first case of Coronavirus was discovered in Wuhan, China in December of last year. Fast-forward three months and the world is trying to help those infected, with China, South Korea, and Italy the worst affected. Even the latest 'Mission: Impossible' has had to halt filming due to the outbreak.

However, as the potentially deadly virus continues to spread, the Chinese have come up with a nifty little way to greet people at a time when human contact should remain limited.

Rather than shaking hands or hugging someone to say hello, a new way of greeting a friend or a colleague has been created - get ready to do The Wuhan Shake.

The latest craze has started to do the rounds online, so don't be surprised if we begin to do a semi-dance when we're in public places very soon.

Please enjoy this slick demonstration of The Wuhan Shake.