This is what Sarah Jessica Parker had to say regarding the new movie: "What can I tell you in my own stealthy way without giving the story away... A handful of people have seen it and have been very surprised by the seriousness. There's something that happens in this movie and it's really about realising your own complicity and disappointment... Something significant happens to Carrie, and I think it really forces her to ask questions that you have to ask about yourself. It's great, and it's very moving... There's still plenty of ripe old salty dirty stuff. But I think it's a really smart story and I think Michael Patrick wrote a beautiful screenplay." I'm guessing, in a nutshell - Carrie will find she's got some kind of illness whereby she manically repeats "I couldn't help Butt Wonder!" She'll only stop to suck on an ice-cream swaddled spoon/finger, before tottering dramatically around the streets of New York in a pair of impossibly high silver Manolos and a handy 5-foot-long fringed handbag, to search of the superhero she couldn't help but think about. This will be interspersed with scenes of Samantha and Miranda baring their appendages while Charlotte squints at different objects in her apartment. Oh, no doubt there'll be a Big montage and something about a wedding dress dream sequence in which Carrie breaks out into a chronic rash. The End.