The fact that we didn't hear about this until now baffles us. 

Seth Rogen's mother, Sandy, is easily our new favourite celebrity mother, thanks her amazing Twitter account.

Of course, like every loving mother, Sandy retweets all of the great things Seth is up too, most recently this. But forget about that for a minute(don't, go watch it now), because her own tweets are hilarious. We can completely see where Seth gets it from, and now we're massive fans of all the Rogens.

Unfortunately we can't bring you all of her tweets, you'll have to find them for yourself. We implore you to do so, and give the woman a follow,  but for now here's a taster of what you can expect.

You're not wrong Sandy, you're not wrong at all, about that, or this.

She's come on a long way since this.

And this.

To be fair I'm not much better myself, and at least she makes up for it with more jokes like this.

And finally, she's just a really nice lady.

Well done on the Twitter, Sandy, we love it, and we're big fans of Seth too. He makes us laugh, a lot, so thanks for that too.