Seth Rogen has offered a response to a viral Tiktok that indicates that the actor has been kidnapped.

The video, posted by @chriscanbefunny, sees the comedic TikTok user sing a song opening with the lyrics: "Has anyone seen Seth Rogen lately? Have seen a lot of recent photos of his vases. Haven't seen a recent photo of his face."

He goes on to share his theory that the actor was kidnapped "by a shady ceramicist."

It's a hilarious video and created enough of a response for Seth Rogen to offer an explanation.

On Twitter, he shared the video with the caption: "This video is very funny and not at all true! I have not been kidnapped! This is not a kidnapper writing this from Seth’s account! I promise!"

Seth Rogen also shared an article highlighting that he hasn't been kidnapped, adding the caption: "Always a good headline to see."

In fairness, Seth Rogen is probably just busy at the moment.

He stars in the series 'Pam & Tommy', featuring Lily James and Sebastian Stan as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, which is currently filming.

He's also in the works on 'The Fabelmans', which is Steven Spielberg's semi-autobiographical next project.