Those who oppose Donald Trump's presidency have employed various methods to show their disapproval. 

Some have taken to the streets in protest, while others use the Donald's favourite form of communication, Twitter, to voice their displeasure directly to him. 

Seth Rogen has taken a novel approach to getting Trump's attention by contacting his son, Donald Trump Jr. Rogen noticed that Trump Jr. followed him on Twitter so he sent the following tweet, "politely" asking that he advise the President to resign. 

Rogen then followed Trump Jr. back on Twitter so he could slide into his DM's and elaborate further.

Trump Jr. has yet to respond to Rogen's messages as of yet (unless Rogen's holding out on us) and to be honest we won't be holding our breath. 

Perhaps some of the people Donald Trump follows can take Rogen's lead and contact him in the same way? Here's looking at you Roma Downey