We've been a long time waiting, but thanks to the demands of the ice-cream loving Irish public, HB have announced they are bringing back the Super Split.

We're not sure when exactly the famous ice-cream left the freezers of our Newsagents, perhaps we were too busy growing up to notice or even question why, but it was gone for many a year. Until now.

HB did some brand research and discovered that 96% of those surveyed wanted the return of the classic Super Split. The company have now announced they are giving the people what they want and bringing back the much-loved ice-cream with a brand new name; it will be leaving its superhero days behind it and will be known simply as Split.

A spokesperson on behalf of HB said: "We’ve received several heartfelt emails, handwritten letters and social media messages asking us to bring back this legend, and we listened! We’ve decided to give the name a makeover, from Super Split to SPLIT, but fans old and new can rest assured that the great taste they’ve come to know and love, is still the exact same."

HB Split is now available in multipack format in stores nationwide and for those of you health conscious folks out there, it's only 65kcal a pop.

Happy days!

Now all we need is the sunshine...