To say that Sepp Blatter expresses some odd points of view is an understatement, but his latest suggestions are a stretch, even by his won standards. 

FIFA president Sepp Blatter has been in a bit of trouble a few times in the past, but that didn't stop him from announcing that he intends to run again for the FIFA presidency, even though he is already 78 and has served four terms. That's not the bit where it gets weird however, as at the FIFA congress in Sao Paulo earlier today, he suggested that planet Earth might not be the only venue for the game we know as football. 

In his closing remarks to the audience gathered at the event, he spoke about how the world is united by the game, but also said "we should wonder if one day our game will be played on other planets. Why not? And then instead of a World Cup we would have an inter-planetary competition". We presume that would mean FIFA can really start making money, intergalactic style, without the constraints of our stupid earthling laws.

And this from the man who laughed at Ireland when they asked to be included as the 33rd team in 2010. Who's laughing now Sepp, ya big weirdo?