Yes, that's million spelt 'M-I-L-L-I-O-N'.

We don't know exactly how much money Selena Gomez is taking home for her Instagram posts but seeing as it's estimated that she gets $550,000 per sponsored post, brands like Coca-Cola would want to get their money's worth.


hostess vibes. Happy 4th everyone!

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One of my favorite nights on tour

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And it turns out they do, as Gomez is officially the celebrity queen of Instagram this year, with the most followers and likes out of an celebrity on the social network.

Her nearest competition is Taylor Swift and her 93 million followers (and even her most popular photo of the year was a #TBT featuring Gomez) but she doesn't even come close to the interactions Gomez is getting.

According to Instagram’s Year In Entertainment statistics for 2016, Gomez gained 50 million followers this year, and had the most liked celebrity photo of the year with this post of her sipping from a Coke bottle.


when your lyrics are on the bottle 😛 #ad

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She also had the second, third, fourth and fifth most liked celeb photos on the platform, and the most liked (as well as the second, fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth, and tenth most liked) celebrity video post.


Finally got to meet this sweetheart -she owned it fully

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So yeah, it's safe to say she deserves all that cash money.

Via Buzzfeed