If she's dumb enough to get back with him then lets just leave them have at it.

Maybe she was sick of being alone, or not getting to piss in mop buckets, or just genuinely have a moment of madness, but somehow (we're sure much to Taylor Swift's disdain) Selena Gomez has allowed Justin Bieber back into her life and they are once again a couple. However, Selena didn't step back onto the relation-ship without laying down some new rules for the Beebs.

The pair spent the 4th of July together, and apparently it was then that Selena laid down the law about what she expects from Bieber if they're gonna work out. Basically she wants him to stop being the egomaniacal turd burger that he is and stop peeing in mop buckets, speeding around in his cars and smoking all the weed he can get his hands on.

Now we're used to Bieber saying one thing and doing the exact opposite so we can't really see him sticking to this but whatever, each to their own. Fool me once and all that.