Okay, whoever pissed off Poseidon or Neptune or whoever the person in charge of the sea/weather is needs to apologise to them for whatever you did ASAP because this is getting ridiculous.

Firstly we have a very wet and windy Friday night to look forward to with thundery downpours and severe winds in the south and southwest. Then tomorrow we can expect more thundery showers with blustery winds, and Sunday can expect more of the same, as well as Monday thanks to an Atlantic swell that surfing forecasters Magic Seaweed have described as an "absolute monster". Lady Mary has the right sentiment.

And then, joy of joys, it's only getting worse.

Monday night and Tuesday another Atlantic storm is set to pass over the country which is set to wreak havoc on all of Ireland until Wednesday evening. Per Met Éireann:

Stormy conditions are expected to develop Monday night and for Tuesday, as another Atlantic storm passes close to our northwestern coast, bringing very stormy conditions countrywide, with a spell of heavy rain. The heavy rain will turn showery on Tuesday, but some heavy or thundery downpours are likely and some wintry falls possible later in the day. Very severe and damaging winds are expected but winds should ease overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.

Continuing very disturbed, Wednesday may start cold, bright and dry in places, but further heavy rain is expected later in the day or Wednesday night, with the risk of some more wintry falls in parts of the west and north.

So, basically stay the hell away from the sea and coastal roads if at all possible for the next week, and consider a late hibernation and locking yourself away for the next 5 days.