Craig Revel Horwood, the 'Strictly Come Dancing' judge, has given his opinion on Seann Walsh and Katya Jones' antics from the week on 'The Jonathan Ross Show'. 

What a week these two have had - and they must be absolutely dreading this coming Saturday night. It's all stemmed from Walsh and Jones sharing an intimate moment together earlier this week, and it's just kind of snowballed south for the pair ever since then. The dancing couple recently appeared on 'Strictly: It Takes Two' to set the record straight, but the interview didn't change many viewer's opinions. 

RTE has reported that Horwood made an appearance on 'The Jonathan Ross Show', and the topic of conversation quickly turned towards the comedian and his dancing partner. Horwood said, "My take was keep them in the show, make them do the Dance of Shame. It's really important that, if this does happen to you, you face up to it. You either, as they've done, apologise, which is absolutely fine. But get on with the job."

The straight-talking Horwood then continued, "If you were at your Christmas party and you snogged the boss, for instance, you'd still have to do the walk of shame on the Monday, wouldn't you? People, if they are in love or are married, end up being absolutely faithful to one another because of that love. There has to be something wrong in your relationship before it all goes awry".

Making a final comment on the dancing skills of Walsh and Jones, which seems to have improved as the show has continued, said "I would not put that down to a snog at the back of a pub". Well, there you have it folks, having a sneaky shift doesn't make you a great dancer unfortunately (try telling us that at 3am in Coppers). 

To see the full interview with Horwood and the other 'Strictly' judges, 'The Jonathan Ross Show' airs on Saturday at 9.50pm on ITV.