The pair appeared on the daily show 'Strictly: It Takes Two' yesterday evening, and the reaction online is as good as you would think. 

In case you've missed all of the latest gossip from 'Strictly Come Dancing' this year - where have you been? You should know by now that the 'Strictly curse' is currently plaguing comedian Seann Walsh and his dancing partner Katya Jones who were papped having a cheeky shift earlier this week. Walsh's ex-girlfriend Rebecca Humphries left him and took the cat, after she revealed that the kiss in question happened on the night of her birthday (and also Walsh's years of not being a nice boyfriend to the woman). And you just know it's bad when Piers Morgan is siding with you

Last night, the dancing couple were on the 'It Takes Two' couch, and host Zoe Ball very quickly turned the conversation towards the recent news. Walsh, looking absolutely miserable, said "Am... Obviously I'm sorry... For the hurt that I've caused. We were getting on well (motioning towards Jones), we were having fun... We had a couple of drinks, made a huge mistake, and I regret it deeply".

Ball then moved on to Jones, also looking miserable, who said "Yeah, obviously I apologise, and I can't apologise enough to... Everyone who it hurt and involved, and am... But the main thing for me, me and Neil (her husband Neil Jones) are absolutely fine, and that's what matters to me the most right now". You can watch the pair squirm in the video below:


Viewers took to Twitter to have their say on what they'd just seen live on the telly:








We cannot wait to see what happens on 'Strictly Come Dancing' this weekend.