The TV Heaven, Telly Hell presenter / general comedian, Sean Lock, had this little pearl for aspiring funny types: "Whenever a young comic asks me for advice I only have two things to say. One is to try and do what you think is genuinely funny and the other is just do loads of gigs. Russell (Brand, obviously) is a funny bloke and a talented man but I think he is a bad example to young comics in that to try to achieve success you have to disembowel yourself for public consumption, with every single detail of your life being sold and bartered for attention." So - has Sean got a point or is he just pissed off he didn't think of airing his own disembowelment? What's easier - using your mind to create a myriad of bizarrely humorous scenarios from the mundane or discussing the hue of your dad's third leg with the aid of a colour chart? Or how best to violate a hoover? Or regaling the time when you had (the) bad threesome with you co-presenter which involved something I luckily can't bring the fingers to type... Russell Brand was modern day bard until I saw him perform live. Now he's an unnervingly curvy man who spends an hour and a half thrusting and reading highlighted bits of newspaper (an easy thing to utter when hiding behind a computer screen... *skips off*)