GUESS who's going to be first in line to the screening of Milk? ME! Why? Because Sean Penn and James Franco don't just kiss, they GEDDITAWWWN! Yes, I am feeling rather frisky today, is it that obvious?

Milk is the biopic of gay activist Harvey Milk which is due for release next year (I'll come back with an approximate date closer to the time so you can mark it in your diaries). There was only to be one smooching scene in the film but, according to co-star Franco, Sean Penn had a word with director Gus Van Sant:

"In the original script I read, there was only one real kissing scene. A month after Gus asked me to do it, they sent me another script, and on Page 5 there was a full-on love scene. And I was like, 'Gus, what the heck?' He says, 'Well, it was Sean's idea.'"

A lovelorn Penn probably hadn't reconciled with his wife Robin Wright Penn at the time of the script changes, and just thought, "Hey, stick a blonde wig on Franco and it's a ringer for the missus!"

Okaaay - you caught me. That's a complete fabrication... it has to be said, though, Robin has an impressive jaw for a lady.