After eight years, the biggest star of Will and Grace (apart from Karen, that is) has married his longterm love, Scott Icenogle, on the QT.

The actor and his hubby actually got married last week and only announced the news a few hours ago. Hence the tenuous #TBT hashtag.

The 44-year-old probably would've kept the whole thing quiet had he not been clocked flashing his ring on a talk show with Sharon Osbourne a few weeks back. He also appeared on Ellen, but the ring didn't get a mention then either - probably because he started telling "the longest story in the world" and Ellen "zoned out."

At the time, his rep said: "Sean and Scott have been together for eight years. They are not yet married but they have been engaged for quite some time."

When he officially came out via The Advocate, he said: "When I play a gay character I want to be as believable as possible. And when I’m playing a straight character I also want to be as believable as possible. So the less that people know about my personal life, the more believable I can be as a character."

That and it's nobody else's business to be fair.

Via Daily Mail