The world seems to be spinning faster. There's bumps, babies, marriages and splits being hurled around with such velocity it's enough to make one black out.

The latest couple to call it a day comprises of Seal and Heidi Klum (it's now official, they've confirmed it). AKA the couple who went to the bother of renewing their vows every year since they got hitched in 2005. Yes, I too thought they'd been married a lot longer.

This isn't just a "We never see each other, never really knew you in the first place, see you r'after" type split, this seems to be Heidi finally putting her foot down. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there had been rumblings that Seal has been a weeeee bit on the controlling side.

However, Seal himself doesn’t see it that way - he's blaming it on World War II. During an interview (to promote his new album/tour, naturellement) at Christmas, he said: "We certainly have differences of opinion. I mean, she's German and I'm English, so if I said we didn't have differences of opinion, no one would believe that… One of the things that we disagree over is Christmas, she opens presents on the December 24. I just don't see the logic in it, it's Christmas, ie, Jesus Christ? And last time I checked, Christ was born on 25 December. But you know what, pick your battles. That's one I don't bother with. I'm going to make this T-Shirt up saying, 'you can either be right or be happy'."

Or in Heidi's case, 'Get divorced and be happier.' By her own admission during a recent Ellen interview, life's too short to be getting lambasted for not making his cup of tea correctly. Not exactly a priority when you've got four kids to think about.
A "source" The Sun managed to snout out had this to say: "The marriage ended months ago in reality. They rarely saw each other and it wouldn't be unusual for them to go months without spending any real quality time together. Ships that pass in the night would be an overstatement."

Probably because both of them are busy promoting their various wares at the moment - Seal's got a tour to promote that new album of his, and Heidi's got the 7th season of Germany's Next Top Model kicking off in a few weeks.

Seal and Heidi. Russell and Katy. Jennifer and Marc. Demi and Ashton. Possibly Johnny and Vanessa... and now Tulisa and Fazer… *hums* "What is looooooOOOooooohuhuve anyway, Does anybody love anybody anywaaaaay."

Howard Jones - What Is Love (C-G's Million Dollar Question Edit) by Mick Collins-Gellar