The RAF's Red Arrows were performing a complex and perfectly executed flyover at the Llandudno air show yesterday when a rogue seagull decided to join in, making for the perfect photobomb.

As they dazzled the crowd of thousands in attendance with a superb display of skill, plenty of people decided to start snapping a few pictures to capture the moment. However, a passing seagull managed to get into one of the shots, making for one of the best photobombs you're likely to see. 



While the tweet incorrectly states that this was taken in Liverpool, a little bit of digging showed that the Llandudno air show was the real location. There is however, as with most things on the internet, a chance that someone has manipulated this photo in order to make it more humorous, but as far as we can see, there was a seagull knocking around during the flyover at the air show, as evidenced by this picture taken from another angle. 

We want to believe people, but you should always question everything.

Main pic via Wikipedia