Morning, Viola Davis. I feel sorry for your Oscar gown, she has a hard act to follow after this number. OK, the embossed gold bit on the bodice does make me think of the ornate brass coal scuttle from my childhood, but it still works well especially with the new hairdo.

Yes, finally here is your SAG Award Red Carpet Gallery. Apologies for the slight delay, you can blame the guests - most of which decided to turn up late so they didn't have to be photographed under the light of a thousand setting suns (hello to you, Tina Fey, Jane Lynch, Jessica Chastain, Zoe Saldana, Emily (that dress does little for you) Blunt, Emma Stone, Dianna Agron, Jane Krakowski, Jenna Fischer, Meryl Streep, Mary Steenburgen and the delectable Amber Heard). Therefore WENN have only fully updated the gallery now. To be honest, I would've done the same. I've a feeling Julianna Margulies might follow suit next year.

Those who braved the searing Sun included Gretchen Mol, Lea Michele, Michelle Williams in a very pretty ensemble, Ashlee Simpson ('cause she's with yer man off Boardwalk Empire), Julie Bowen, Sofia Vergara, Busy Phillips, Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, Amber Riley, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy, Jenny Ushkowitz, Glenn Close, Octavia Spencer, Kaley Cuoco, a sublime Maria Menounos, Jayma Mays, Ariel Winter, Kelly Osbourne and Ahna O'Reilly's back.

George Clooney, Stacey Keibler, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (back in the usual attire) arrived on time, but the latter must have cast a sun shielding spell as they managed to escape the glare. As did Boardwalk Empire's Michael Pitt. Just as well as he would've instantly combusted. Undead much?

Also featured: Blossom, Penelope Ann Miller, Kenneth (tell me how you've stopped the aging process) Branagh, Jonah (will someone please show him how to stand properly) Hill, and one or twelve others.

Full List of Winners Available Here