So that earlier report that everything was all and well between Simon Cowell and his New York BFF Andrew Silverman? Complete wrong, according to the New York Post, who say that Simon has been named in the divorce papers filed by his pregnant lover's husband.

Cowell was allegedly identified as a co-respondent in the divorce papers the property tycoon filed at Manhattan Supreme Court two weeks ago, citing adultery as the reason for him ending the marriage with his socialite wife Lauren Silverman. This means Simon risks being forced to take to the witness stand to reveal his personal fortune - thought to be around $350 million - in addition to details of his affair with the 36-year-old brunette, which is going to be a PR disaster for the X Factor judge.

While rumours are circulating that Andrew and Lauren's marriage was on the rocks, friends insist that was far from the case and he was completely blind-sided to discover his wife is 10 weeks pregnant with family friend Simon's baby, with Alexander Silverman, Andrew's brother, telling the New York Post: 'It is an unbelievable story of betrayal. It is a sad story and a tragic story. [They] weren't estranged. The suggestion that she was an estranged wife who fell into another man's arms is not the case.'

The real estate developer is even said to have recently upgraded Lauren's engagement ring with a 10-carat diamond, while she was secretly having an affair with Cowell. One friend said, 'she is a total gold digger', while another accusingly ranted, 'the pregnancy was by design'.

Simon met the couple on holiday seven years ago at the upmarket Sandy Lane resort in Barbados and has regularly holidayed with Andrew and Lauren ever since, even double-dating with Simon and his ex-fiancé Mezhgan Hussainy. Lauren is reported to be 'overjoyed' by the pregnancy, while Simon - who has traveled to Miami to meet Lauren's parents - is 'thrilled'.