A Scrabble tournament that took place in Portland raised money for a very unique cause.

Paul G. Lind was a huge Sscrabble fan, and when he passed away a few years ago, his friends and family came together to make one of his last wishes come true: to get a very unique tombstone that highlighted his love of the game.

Pic via Stone Saver

However, over a year ago the gravestone was vandalised and needed some refurbishment, so once again his friends (and fellow Scrabble players from Portland) got together to hold a tournament to raise money for the repairs. It has now been returned to its former glory.

According to Neatorama, that's not the only individual tombstone in the Lone Fir Cemetery; there's an artist buried under a paint can and a tombstone that shows a car drag racing with the words "Gone home to horsepower heaven" on it.

Via Neatorama