It seems there is nowhere in the world that hasn't been hit by the viral craze that is the Ice Bucket Challenge, and one small island in the Hebrides is suffering badly. 

We've seen everyone and their mother do the Ice Bucket Challenge by now, and it seems that a tiny island in the Hebrides, Colonsay, has finally caught on to the viral sensation too. 

The 135 residents are big into it, and they've been spending a few days throwing water over their heads, which has led to a shortage on the island. Apparently engineers were called out five times last weekend, but on Sunday evening the trend hit its peak, and the system shut down, cutting off supply for those who live there. 

According to The Mirror the supply will automatically shut down if it thinks there is wastage or a something like a burst pipe, and it was eventually turned back on, but hopefully the residents have learned their lesson and have now had enough of the challenge.

Via The Mirror. Main pic via