Again - much like the 'Tom Cruise got women to audition for the role of wifey' story - we've all heard some rumblings about this before - but now we have some actual details courtesy of yet more reformed Scientology members.

Nicole's adopted son Conor was just six and his sister Isabella was eight when she divorced their father Tom Cruise in 2001 and the kids have lived with him ever since and while Isabella recently claimed to have a good relationship with her mother, it has been alleged Tom's controversial religion stopped them from seeing her.

Former Scientologist Marty Rathbun told the October issue of Vanity Fair magazine: "The central problem [in the marriage] was Nicole did not want to deal with Scientology." Another former Scientologist, John Brousseau, added: "They rejected Nicole - they'd been instructed. They took a course, P.T.S./S.P., [Potential Trouble Source/Suppressive Person] for persons connected in their lives who are an S.P. [Bella and Connor] whispered to me, 'J.B., Nicole is an S.P.! Our mom's an S.P. - we hate going and seeing her.'' That's harsh.

Mr. Brousseau also claimed all Scientologists were warned against Nicole and banned from seeing her movies. Even Moulin Rouge. However, on the upside, they also weren't allowed to go see Australia.

He added: "The Scientology world hated Nicole. People were mandated to see every freaking Tom Cruise movie that came out. But if you ever mentioned an inkling to see a movie with Nicole, oh my God, you'd hear about it."

According to CNN, Tom's attorney Bert Fields has ridiculed the article's claims, saying:'Vanity Fair's story is essentially a rehash of tired old lies previously run in the supermarket tabloids, quoting the same bogus 'sources. It's long, boring and false."