You know when the robot apocalypse happens? There'll have been so many clear signs it was coming that we'll all just have to accept it.


Scientists in New Zealand are creating an artificial intelligence that, they hope, will eventually have the ability to get angry and display rage as an emotion.

It's worth pointing out that the robot will not actually GET angry, merely simulate it. Scientist / harbinger of robot destruction Dr. Stuart Armstrong believes that "a sign that a robot has feeling is if they act in a way that we would expect a human to do, but they weren’t programmed for."

So how are they attempting to make an angry robot? By uploading customer complaints to its database. No, seriously.

The robot will have hundreds of thousands of angry letters, e-mails and complaints uploaded which the robot will then essentially mimic conversations.

The goal, believe it or not, is to help companies deal with customer complaints and help them understand them better. Right. Got it.

The project has so far spent over a quarter of a million dollars, and more will be spent before the project is completed.

Imagine they uploaded Ryanair's complaints line to it? It'd be like having T-1000 run the check-in desk.