You can stop inviting radioactive spiders to bite you. Scientists have officially proven that the very idea of Spider-man just couldn't happen. 

According to scientists from Cambridge, Australia and the USA, a human could not do what Spider-man does unless 40% of their body was covered in sticky pads an they had impossibly large feet. 

The scientists conducted tests by comparing the weight and footpads of climbing creatures including spiders, found a size limit when it comes to the sticky pads. A gecko is about the largest animal that can climb using this method.

Also, in order to scale a building the way Peter Parker can, a human would need a size 113 foot. 

You know what they say about a guy with big feet....

So, Spider-Man probably couldn't do everything a spider can. Tree frogs, arachnids and geckos, however, can. This is down to the percentage of their body surface covered by adhesive footpads, the researchers concluded.
The sticky pad percentage increases with body size setting an "evolutionary limit" to the size of animal able to use this climbing method.

"Anything larger than a gecko would need "impossibly big feet", they said.

In case you're wondering, the scientists from these prestigious institutions weren't doing it just for the craic. They're hoping that their research will lead to the development of manmade adhesives.