If you're an avid watcher of the likes of BBC's Wonders of the Solar System and basically anything they broadcast that's related to space and astrophysics, you'll probably be a fan of Professor Brian Cox.

In that case, you'll also probably be very pleased to hear that he's taking his show out on the road next year, with stop-offs in Dublin and Belfast.

The show will see Cox testing "the limits of our knowledge and make highly complex ideas accessible to all", and will include an interview segment hosted by Robin Ince.

Cox will bend your mind at the Olympia Theatre on November 19th and Belfast's Waterfront Hall on November 23rd. Yes, it's a long way away - but time is just a construct of human perception, maaaaan, etc.

Tickets for both shows are on sale from usual outlets this Monday, November 30th at 10am and cost from €35.50/£33.