Arnold Schwarzenegger, even at 71 years of age, is clearly still in great physical shape.

Having spent years as a bodybuilder and then maintaining his physique so that he could then play murderous robots or highly-trained commandos, the idea of facing him in a physical contest seems daunting.

So, for whatever reason, some randomer attempted to kick the Governator with a flying dropkick thing - and only succeeded in lightly jostling the man. In fact, as he tweeted himself, he initially thought the crowd behind him was moving up.

Just to underline the point, video footage that the Governator got a hold of shows the guy running up, full-force drop-kicking him in the back, and then basically shrugging it off.

The man's 71. If you or us were drop-kicked like that, we'd probably need to go to a hospital. That's just crazy, that is. At any rate, here's the footage.

It's... yeah, it's weird.