The country awoke this morning to more extreme weather, this time it's wind and it's wreaking havoc around the nation, particularly in Dublin Airport where planes are struggling to take off and land in the midst of Storm Ali.

Twitter use Eric Duffy managed to capture some terrifying footage of a Ryanair plane about to land and then changing its mind at the last minute due to the hazardous conditions.

Take a look below: have contacted Ryanair to confirm that this plane did later land safe and sound. At the moment there are no reports to suggest otherwise. 

*Update: Ryanair said: "This flight from Brussels to Dublin (19 Sep) performed a routine go-around due to high winds, before landing normally."

**Update: Siobhan O'Donnell of the DAA told "In all cases, safety of passengers is paramount during extreme weather conditions. What is not visible to the naked eye are squalls (sudden violent gust of wind) , cross and tail winds all of which can have an impact on an aircraft as it is about to land this is why the pilot may take a decision to do what is a called 'a go around' to try to land again or divert to another airport."

Speaking about the impact Storm Ali has had on Dublin Airport today, Siobhan confirmed that so far [as of 1pm Wednesday] there have been 42 arriving and departing flights cancelled while there have been eight diversions in total to Manchester or Belfast airports and a number of knock on delays to the flight schedule.

However, Siobhan did add that up to 750 flights land and take off daily from Dublin Airport, so many journeys today won't/haven't been affected. She added: "Our advice to passengers is to check latest flight information with their airline before coming to the airport today."