Johansson is hot. I'd be willing to question my orientation (further) just to see her wrestling an object of her choice. However, that would be fantasy is somewhat scuppered given her chosen object could possibly be the least erotic thing ever created. What am I basing this on? Oh just on her present to her current beau, Ryan Reynolds. She gave him her wisdom tooth. Not with just a bit of cotton wool stuck to it either, no, she actually went to the trouble of getting it "dipped in gold and strung on a necklace." Hey, here's something that's been growing in my head for a number of years, happy birthday! Sorry, but to me that's akin to individually wrapping your toenail clippings in tinfoil and attaching them to twine. Grim, unnecessary and entirely narcissistic. Luckily for Ryan, the birthday benevolence didn't end there, she also arranged for "a full body massage with all of David Beckham's bodyguards present. The soccer ace is said to have his muscles kneaded to perfection while his security team watches to ensure no body part is missed." We all love a happy ending. With onlookers.