Usually I steer clear of such photos (the ones of Rihanna and Vanessa Hudgens still haunt my mind's eye) - unless they're done artistically, involve the FBI, and may or may not lead to near naked photos of Justin Timberlake sporting pink underwear...

Congratulations Scarlett, your naked photos tick all the boxes!

The Herald Sun (it exists, it's Australian) today reports: "Black Swan star Mila Kunis was also named as a target, with hackers allegedly uncovering pictures of a shirtless and "seductive" Justin Timberlake on her phone. Another image is said to show Timberlake with pink underwear on his head while there reported to be a separate explicit shot of an unidentified male. A fourth image is said to show Kunis in a bath, covered by the tub from the neck down."

OK, so clearly the one of Mila Kunis sporting a bath tub weren't erotic enough for the hackers to leak, so they went with Scarlett taking a rear view shot of herself in a mirror (this would be the artistic one), and then a less fortunate one altogether involving a rare downside to gravity. I chose to swipe the photos off (who in turn swiped them from Splash News) as he'd actually went to the trouble of covering her modesty with a very subtle pink star.

As for the FBI involvement: reported that Johansson - who has it stipulated in her contracts that she will not do topless - had called in the FBI as a 'criminal act' had been committed. 'The FBI is aware of the alleged hacking incident and is looking into it,' an FBI official told

Johansson was named earlier this year as one of the 50 victims who had their mobile phones or emails compromised by a hacking gang... so basically, we have the same to level of stupidity to look forward to from Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Christina Aguilera, Ali Larter, and Miley Cyrus.

I'm only interested in the ones of Jessica Alba. That is all. The rest of you who went to the bother of photographing yourselves naked should know better... Like, reeeeeaally should know better at this point. Did Vanessa Hudgens not teach you anything?!