Due to lockdown 2.0 still being in effect this November (December can't get here quick enough), a lot of businesses around the country will sadly no longer be able to open their doors before Christmas.

From your local, to clothing stores, and other shops which have been deemed non-essential remaining closed for six weeks this winter, there is one attraction which is reaching out to the Irish public for help. Dublin Zoo may be forced to close their doors for good unless the public is able to come to their rescue.

As a registered charity, Dublin Zoo relies on ticket sales to keep them going (90% of their funding comes from patrons). With no-one able to visit the family attraction, times are tough, and none more so than the 400 animals living in the Phoenix Park sanctuary. And so, action had to be taken from the business.

According to the zoo's campaign Save Dublin Zoo: "Our goal is to raise vital funds to help cover the costs of animal care so we can continue to protect wildlife and support conservation for generations to come. It costs over €500,000 per month to give the animals the highest standard of care that they deserve and even the smallest of donations will help see us through these challenging times."

According to sources, Dublin Zoo is almost €10 million in debt due to the happenings of 2020. Everyone involved in the campaign is hoping that in 10 years time they will be able to celebrate its 200th birthday.

If you're looking for more information on Save Dublin Zoo, you can head over to their dedicated webpage (here). You'll be given the chance to either leave a one-off donation, sign yourself up for a monthly donation, or you can even adopt an animal. All of the elephant, red panda, giraffe, and penguin adoptions are sold out at the time of writing, but you can still adopt a gorilla or a rhino if you wish.

Here's some of the reaction the news has been getting on Twitter.