After a number of complaints from passengers about "random males" being seated next to their wives, Saudi Arabia's national airline is looking in to segregating their flights. 

Saudi Arabia's national airline, Saudia, will order its staff to keep men and women seated separately on flights from now on after passengers complained about the lack of segregation on their flights.

The Emirates247 news website reported that the airline, which already complies with many of the religious practices of Islam including not offering alcohol or dishes that contain pork on their flights, have decided to separate men and women on board, unless they are close relatives. 

Abdul Rahman Al Fahd, Saudia's assistant manager for marketing, said that "there are solutions to this problem…we will soon enforce rules that will satisfy all passengers". According to, Saudia is not the first airline to encounter these issues after Israeli carrier El Al faced delays to a flight back in October as Orthodox Jews refused to be seated next to women on the plane, while Delta have also faced a similar issue, both occurring on flights between Tel Aviv and New York.

Via Main pic via Wikimedia