After a truly star-studded campaign that included endorsements from 'SATC' alums Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall to Cardi B, Cynthia Nixon's bid to become Governor of New York came to an end this week.

The actor and activist lost in an election bid against incumbent Andrew Cuomo, who had received endorsement from Hillary Clinton and many others during his run. Cuomo now goes for a third term as Governor, and will face Republican candidate Marc Molinaro in November for the general election.

Cuomo's campaign, naturally, focused on Nixon's inexperience as governor in political spheres, however Nixon seems undettered by the setback posed in her failure, and said she's staying in politics for the time being. Cuomo, widely seen as an establishment Democrat, faced severe criticism from both Nixon and others in the Democrat party for his perceived lack of ambition in New York laws, which is one of the most Democrat-leaning states in the US.

In prepared statements throughout the campaign, Nixon said that she "voted for (Cuomo) eight years ago because I remembered his dad - and because I believed that he was a Democrat, the way he said he was. But what happened? Since he's taken office, he seems to have forgotten that he's a Democrat. He's governed like a Republican."

As it stands, Nixon could still contest the general election in November as a candidate for the Working Families Party, a political party which she received the endorsement of during the campaign.