While I fervently echo Pandora's ovaries sentiment (mine went for a hop sometime after series three of SATC. Again, around the time Sarah Jessica Parker obtained executive producer rights and started making her character talk to everyone like they're a 2-year-old sitting in their own faeces, all exaggerated nuances, bared teeth and rabbiting about "Zsa Zsa Zsu" *cringes*), it is my job to (at times, begrudgingly) inform you about everything happening around the "phenomenon" that is Sex And The City 2.

So here they all are, peddling their latest elongated clothes parade, which clocks in around the 2 hours 20 minute mark this time. Here's Sarah Jessica in her bilious neon yellowy green Valentino creation, no doubt inspired by its designer's glow. Here's 'Smith', who appears to be going the way of Valentino himself. Here's Kristen Davis in a creation resembling a cross section of fallopian tubing. Here's Kim Cattrall looking quite lovely. She probably went to extra effort considering her character is swaddled in the entire contents of a scarf stand during one questionable looking desert scene.

As for Cynthia Nixon, well, she must be the latest person to allegedly tread upon SJP's toes, for this is the only photograph of her from the event in WENN. One head shot. There's not even a snap of her attending the after party (the photos of which will be in Caught Out shortly). Yep, all we can see is that bit of embroidery on her bodice. There are countless images of SJP swirling her gallbladder about with aplomb, like this one, this one, and this one. But only that one of Cynthia. What did you do Cynthia? What did you do?

How else was there? John Corbett, his beautiful lady friend Bo Derek (still a 10), Chris Noth, Whitney Port, a fabulous looking Liza Minelli, 'the key' off Buffy, Estelle, Howard Stern, Vanessa Williams, some alien life forms, and some other folk.

If you and your ovaries are into watching these images come to life, the recorded stream from last night's premiere can still be seen on our dedicated SATC page.

Coming soon to this page, ways to survive the "phenomenon" that is SATC without undergoing a full sex change.