We got a chance to speak to Sarah Silverman and John C. Reilly about the movie. We wanted to know what they think about what the film has to say about social media and the internet.

Silverman said: "I think there's good and bad about it and it's reflected in the movie so well. There are these endless possibilities and yet constant bombardment. It can build you up, it can break you down, and eventually you must, in order to survive, realise that you cannot pin your worth on others. It has to come from inside.

"So as negative as it can be, hopefully it will get us back to a place where we're look a little more inward for how we feel about ourselves and others."

Last December, a Twitter user named Jeremy called Sarah the 'c- word'. Instead of responding with anger, the comedian looked at his profile and saw that he suffered from back pain and drug abuse.

She wrote to him: “I believe in you. I know this feeling….I see it in you.”

The two of them shared a beautiful exchange and Sarah offered advice and support.

Upon being asked about the incident, and how we can use social media better, Sarah Silverman said: "I'm not always my best self, but I do remember that. I looked at his feed and he suffered from chronic back pain.

"I just decided to go a different way with it. Usually I would ignore it or not see it at all, but I happened to see it. So I said 'Well you know, it looks like you're suffering and man, I know what you mean about back pain. I have it too.' He just immediately opened up like a flower and we stayed in touch for a very long time."

She continued: "This person didn't know me at all. If I took this personally it wouldn't be correct because it has nothing to do with me. People are really suffering in America with angst. There's a lot of PTSD and rage going around for a lot of various reasons and people have not been taught the tools to deal with it and it has to go somewhere.

"There's a Jesus quote that's like 'If you don't deal with your s**t, your s**t will deal with you, but there's like 'doth' in it... 'If you do not put forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you,' I think that's what it is. But it really is true. People are bottled up and those feelings come out in some way. We're familiar with this in our lives. An unexamined life can do a lot of damage to yourself and others.

"As soon as you go towards somebody with love, their porcupine needles go down. They open up like a flower and you have to be tender with it. But I like that. I like connecting with people and I like being changed by people. I do a show where I talk about people who have been changed. They always say there was somebody who saw something in them that they didn't see in themselves.'"

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