If you happened to find yourself included in Sarah Jessica Parker's entourage, would you choose that moment to pilfer a pair of sunglasses from Duty Free? Me neither. Would be a bit embarrassing if you got caught, like.

The former Sex and they City star was forced to delay her United Airlines flight from Oslo, Norway back to New York by one whole hour yesterday after her entourage was stopped by police and a freelance make-up artist was accused of stealing a pair of designer sunglasses from an expensive shop in the terminal.

The actress and her hangers on were allegedly prevented from boarding their flight until the culprit paid an on-the-spot $1,400 fine to police officers and the group were told they could leave.

The 47-year-old mother-of-three - who has been married to actor Matthew Broderick for 15 years - was in Oslo to attend a star-studded Nobel Peace Prize concert on Tuesday night, which was also attended by performers Kylie Minogue and Jennifer Hudson.

A spokesperson for the I Don't Know How She Does It star told gossip website TMZ that the accused was not Sarah's assistant or on her payroll, insisting she was employed by the Nobel Peace Prize but confirmed that she was part of the actress's entourage.

The spokesperson also insisted that Sarah did not delay the flight by an hour because she was forced to catch a later one.

However, the organisation later hit back and denied the make-up professional was hired by them, saying she had no connection to the Nobel Peace Prize because she was contracted by an outside agency.

Either way, she chose a pretty poor time to swipe a pair of sunnies.