Before you all start roaring, 'Jaysis that's all they bleedin' need' she's actually offering herself with dinner - and given countless souls were left without power and shelter for days, a slap up meal might be nice. The only downside is, if you would like to have dinner with SJP, you'll have to pay for it.

The Sex and the City actress is auctioning off a night with her and TV executive Andy Cohen for a meal at the Blue Hill restaurant in New York City for a celebrity charity auction being held by, which kicks off today.

All proceeds raised from the auction will go to the relief efforts of the superstorm and the Community Food Bank of New Jersey.

Other stars taking part include Selena Gomez, who is offering one lucky fan the opportunity to guest star in one of her music videos, while Glenn Close is offering to record a personal voicemail message for a lucky bidder...

Actor Billy Baldwin, and CharityFolks spokesman, thinks the participating celebrities will gain more awareness for the relief work being carried out in the wake of the devastating natural disaster which hit the 'Big Apple' in October.

He said: "In normal times, one in five New Jersey children go to bed hungry and 1.6 million New Yorkers struggle to put food on their tables. These are not normal times. Millions have lost power - many have lost their homes and belongings - and it continues to get colder. This initiative will have an immediate and profound impact on the families who have suffered the most."

Other auction items include a night of mystery in illusionist David Blaine's private New York studio and the chance to be personally styled by Kim and Kourtney Kardashian at their Dash clothing store...

Let's hope some really rich folk either want to be murmured to the brink of mania by David Bleeeehne, styled by two numpties, or have a bunny boiler natter into their answering machine. In short, it's a sorry state of affairs when starring in a Selena Gomez video looks like the best option.