Saoirse Ronan may have missed out on the Best Actress Oscar this year after a fourth nomination at the awards. But her performance as Jo March in 'Little Women' in still capturing hearts - and inspiring memes.

Saoirse reunited on the screen with Timothee Chalamet, who played Laurie, in the movie.

As with 'Lady Bird', the romantic potential between the characters arrives at a swift halt.

And it all follows a dramatic scene in which Laurie proclaims his love but Jo doesn't - or can't - feel the same.

Reads Greta Gerwig's brilliantly adapted script - also Oscar-nominated, thank you very much - "I can't, I can't. I've tried it and I failed. I can't" as Jo tries to express her inability to fall in love with Laurie.

It's a heart-breaking scene and brilliantly written. And now it's been rejigged into a meme with other tweeters relaying things they "can't" do having "tried and failed".

Check out some of the favourites: