As is she is wont as she is one of the mná na hÉireann, Saoirse Ronan only went and gave a shout-out to the village of Ardattin in Carlow during her video interview with Vogue.

The Irish actor did a totally not-contrived and absolutely unscripted piece for Vogue's '73 Questions With...', which took in a few interesting tidbits of Saoirse Ronan's career. For example, she's most proud of her work in 'How I Live Now', one of the most difficult stunts she did was during 'Hanna' when she was strapped to the underside of a truck in the Sahara - and, most interesting of all, she finds the Irish accent the hardest to do on screen.

As well as being on the cover of this month's issue, Ronan also had a wide-ranging discussion about the recent referenda in Ireland and specifically spoke about her work for the Together For Yes campaign. "I know people who had to travel abroad in order to get an abortion, and that’s when I knew I would speak out," said Ronan.

You can read the full interview here. 'Mary Queen Of Scots' arrives in Irish cinemas in January 2019.