Because both of their marriages ended so well, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are planning to get hitched *whispers* seeecrreeeettlllyyyyy.

Showbiz Spy reports that the: "47-year-old actress and the 34-year-old Change-Up star - who split from Scarlett Johansson after two years of marriage in December 2010 - are believed to have recently vacationed in Wyoming (again), and while on vacation the pair discussed the idea of marriage after the actor bonded with her 20-month-old son Louis. 'Ryan told her he was ready to tie the knot whenever she wants. And after seeing how quickly he's bonded with baby Louis, she decided she's ready to pull the trigger, too,' a source said: 'So they started discussing the logistics of pulling off a low-key, barefoot wedding that would reflect their laid-back lifestyle'." 'Cause some people need to spell these things out, and therefore negate the message they're trying so desperately to convey - in a laid-back fashion.

The article continues: "Scarlett - who was briefly linked to Sean Penn following her divorce from Ryan - is reported to be happy for the pair. 'Since Scarlett likes and respects Sandra so much, it doesn't bother her that she's with Ryan now,' the source added."

And it probably didn't bother her either when Ryan was spending all that time with Sandra while they were shooting The Proposal, and then doing all the press junkets together afterwards, 'cause the marriage was probably over at that point anyway... Once anyone from Hollywood gets married that's effectively the end of the relationship. There are a few exceptions to the norm, but you'll find they're not properly married. Like Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore (Kabblahblah ceremony), and Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.

Surely if Sandra and Ryan are soooo "laid back", why rush into marriage at all? Just hang around barefoot together and have some laughs.