Forget about your boring, dull rectangular smartphone. That might as well be a Nokia brick compared to what Samsung have planned.

Just because your phone can serve as a computer, a TV, a high end camera, and, well, a phone, that doesn’t mean you should be happy with it. That seems to be Samsung’s thinking anyway, as they have planned to push the boat out even further and give us a three-sided phone.

Yeah, we had problems imaging how that would look, and why it would be needed, but as it turns out there’s an answer to both.

The phone is rumoured to carry on what the Galaxy Note Edge (above) did last year, by giving us a curved screen, allowing its user to access ever more information, as if the screen weren’t big enough.

Reports have varied since the leaks began a few months back, but the latest report from Bloomberg suggests it’ll have a curved side on both ends of its 5.1 inch screen.

Looks like we’ll have to wait until March 1st for confirmation of the phone, during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but now the ball’s in Apple’s court. We suggest a hologram phone, or failing that, just cut your prices and stop with the shiny new additions. We’re distracted enough as it is.

Via Mashable