Most technology companies are backing virtual reality to be the next big thing, and now Samsung are hoping to get in on the action. 

They announced that they would be releasing the Gear VR Innovator Edition in December, which will be more or less "developer preview hardware...that's available to everyone", according to The Verge

That means there could still be a few bugs to work out and it won't be the finished article that will blow our minds, but it is an important step and another vote of confidence in virtual reality. In a blog post on their site, Oculus announced that they would also have some apps ready to roll with the headset when it releases.

The headset will cost $199 in the US (or $249 if you want a gamepad) but it will be part of a package with the Note 4, which will slot in to the device and be the centrepiece of Samsung's foray into the world of virtual reality. Or should that be the virtual world of reality...we're confused. Inception, or something.

Via The Verge