Why, of course he does. He obviously wants to "help" her through her father issues by parading his possession about the streets of LA at all hours.

Sam Lufti - who has been accused of manipulating Britney when he worked for her - reportedly wants to start a "professional" relationship with Lindsay given her publicist Steve Honig quit last week. On the upside, she has the wherewithal to want nothing to do with him. Probably because he's started harassing her, and her long-suffering siblings.

A source told RadarOnline.com: "Sam has been desperate to get his hooks into Lindsay for a very, very long time. He reached out to her after Steve Honig quit last week but she hasn't returned his calls or text messages. Lindsay wants absolutely nothing to do with Sam. She doesn't trust him and believes he is closely aligned with her estranged father, Michael Lohan." That all just got weirder.

"Lindsay says there is no way in hell she would work with Sam. She thinks that Sam doesn't know anything about the entertainment business and knows of the hell that Britney went through when Lutfi was acting as her 'manager.' Lindsay's lawyers and agents would never work with Lutfi in any capacity - and quite frankly, the last thing Lindsay wants or needs in her life right now is Sam Lutfi."

Sam is currently suing Britney's parents for defamation after her mother Lynne Spears spoke out about him in her 2008 memoir Through The Storm.

The trial is expected to last for three weeks and will resume again today.